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Best Assisted Living in Chicago, IL
2437 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60614
Symphony Residences of Lincoln Park
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Symphony Residences of Lincoln Park
About Symphony Residences of Lincoln Park

Symphony Residences of Lincoln Park is an elegant senior living facility that provides an affordable lifestyle. A personalized care service is provided for residents of independent and assisted living to allow an enriching experience at the Symphony Residences. They pride themselves as a warm and welcoming environment making residents feel safe and comfortable. Symphony Residences of Lincoln Park promotes a simplified life balanced with an enriching lifestyle; from the moment you step into the grounds, you will feel like you truly belong and have just discovered your new home. You’ll immediately notice the serene yet professional environment that the community holds. Symphony Residences ensures a resort-like hospitality experience by providing only the utmost comfort and security.

Life at Symphony Residences boasts an affordable senior living with renowned amenities and services; such as their five-star dining with an executive chef. Private apartments with the options of choosing from studio and one or two-bedroom apartments inclusive of housekeeping and laundry services. Other 

community amenities included are: salon and barbershop, library, outdoor patio, and spa– all included to provide quality service.

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Essential Information
Age Range
Men / Women
30% / 70%
Masks Required screening
Chicago, Phoenix, Indiana, Missouri, Florida, etc.
Visitors are frequent
Healthcare Services:
Ambulatory Care, Diabetic Care, Staffing & Ancillary Services, High Acuity Care, Medication Management
Other Services:
Meals Provided, Devotional Activities On-Site, Devotional Activities Offsite, Activities On-site, Activities Off-site
Places near by:
Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center; Wrightwood Park; Churchill Field Park
Price for Studio / 1 Bed / 2 Bed$4500 - $5900
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