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Best Assisted Living in Bronx, NY
The Best Communities in Bronx, NY
Amber Court of Pelham Gardens

A proud member of the Amber Court, Pelham Garden boasts affordable senior living to live your golden years with a peaceful mind and in an oasis-like setting in the Bronx suburban area. Seniors are welcomed with warmth and comfort as they are treated like family. Amber Court understands that most of their residents are not financially well-off, so management proudly offers affordable care and has been exalted with their fine service. As a community that accepts Medicaid and Medicare, families of the residents and/or seniors themselves can rest easy knowing that they can still stay at Amber Court even when they’re finances cannot fully afford it anymore. 

Residents can gather together like a bunch of family when eating at the community’s own restaurant-style dining room and lounges; or enjoy good weather at their outdoor patio. At most times, seniors can feel like they’re on a vacation because of how hospitable the staff are with their service. The location of Amber Court is situated in the neighborhood of Pelham, and is accessible to a few highways, as well as tourist attractions like the Bronx Zoo and the Botanical Gardens where residents can visit during their outings or off-site activities. 

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Essential Information
Age Range
Men / Women
50% / 50%
Healthcare Services:
Ambulatory Care, Diabetic Care, Staffing & Ancillary Services, Medication Management
Other Services:
Housekeeping, Beautician, Laundry Service / Dry cleaning
Price for Studio / 2 Bed$3800 - $4300
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