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Best Assisted Living in Mesa, AZ
Bella Vista Senior Living
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Bella Vista Senior Living
About Bella Vista Senior Living

Providing living options for independent living and assisted living, Bella Vista in Mesa is an ideal place that provides programs and activities that are stimulating and active. At Bella Vista residents are able to feel comfortable and safe because of the welcoming environment that is balanced with the urban and home-like atmosphere found in Mesa, Arizona. Residents are able to learn to love life through the staff’s encouragement of purposeful living. With the senior living community’s approach to modern senior living– by enhancing the lives of each resident while maintaining a life based on their own terms– the community has become an environment centered on growth. For over 40 years, Bella Vista has provided an unrivaled, unmatched, and worry-free lifestyle for many families in Mesa– garnering many trust of families over the decades.

As a proud member of the Park Avenue Lifestyle group, life at Bella Vista residents are able to discover endless opportunities in the community. The community boasts their support system as they ensure that companionship is not only provided by the care staff but through the resident’s visiting family members; where family members are given access keys for planned or spontaneous visits for their dear ones– who are allowed to visit anytime before 8:30 P.M. everyday. The 168-apartment building is scheduled for renovation next month; but regardless, other community amenities and services include 3-meals a day, all utilities included with cable, housekeeping, laundry, and transportation. 

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