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Best Assisted Living in Miami, FL
15520 NW 2nd Ave, North Miami, FL, 33169
Courtyard Plaza
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Courtyard Plaza
About Courtyard Plaza

Voted as the Best Assisted Living in Miami Gardens, Courtyard Plaza has dedicated themselves in ensuring to cater the best quality of service to the seniors while equally gaining their independence. Courtyard Plaza’s quality of care is equally offered to independent living, assisted living, and memory care. The community ensures to each resident that they have access to personal care that aims to enhance their quality of life.  Courtyard Plaza provides luxury hospitality in an atmosphere that is inviting and helpful while promoting that each resident practices their independence by doing as they wish in the cozy home-like community. 

Courtyard Plaza offers an array of service that include: daily enrichment activities such as fitness exercises, live entertainment, excursion trips, and trivia; state-of-the-art security system that keep residents safe; as well as having  professional and compassionate caregivers that are ready to attend to any need a senior may have as well having an on-site physician. Features amenities that are on-site include lounge areas, courtyard, dining room, courtyard, and furnished bedrooms that are maintained by housekeeping and laundry services. 

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