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Best Assisted Living in Chicago, IL
2960 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60657
Brookdale Lakeshore Drive
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Brookdale Lakeshore Drive
About Brookdale Lakeshore Drive

A member of the Brookdale Senior Living, Lake Shore Drive is an exceptional senior living community where residents discover the marvelous Chicago skyline– making residents feel the luxurious environment. At Brookdale Lake Shore Drive, families entrust the staff to take care of their family like they have a glamorous life. Offering independent living and assisted living housing options, residents are both offered personalized care styles that cater to their individual needs. Management and staff promote a vibrant social atmosphere, which is why they encourage residents to take part in their recreational, cultural, and educational activities. Life at Brookdale Lake Shore Drive is resident-centered so seniors can grow as individuals.

Promoting a ritzy lifestyle, the community does the cooking, cleaning, management, and more for independent living and assisted living so they could do anything they want and feel  like they’re in a permanent vacation home. From their amenities such as fitness center and library; to their services like the transportation and concierge– Brookdale Lake Shore Drive takes on the everyday tasks so residents can feel like very important people.

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Essential Information
Age Range
Men / Women
40 / 60
CH IL, CH sub, other states
Places near by:
Roscoe's; Las Mananitas Mexican Restaurant; Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center; Lincoln Park Dental Specialists
Price for Studio$5615
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