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Best Assisted Living in Miami, FL
435 NE 34th St, Miami, FL 33137, United States
Bay Oaks Historic Retirement Residence
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Bay Oaks Historic Retirement Residence
About Bay Oaks Historic Retirement Residence

The Bay Oaks Miami ranks as one of the quality assisted living in Miami that exceeds in providing outstanding care and service. Bay Oaks is dedicated to ensuring that they keep their reputation of being the trusted assisted living facility by many families in the city. Bay Oaks Miami has proven for decades that their exquisite care and service continues in making an exceptional impact into the lives of many seniors and families– which they have been doing since 1947; having provided exceptional assisted living services that only offers the best care.

Their quintessential cozy apartments are elegantly furnished and beautifully designed. Their chef-prepared meals are devoured in their classic dining area. Bay Oaks exceptional services extends to their housekeeping and transportation services, to name a few. Its comprehensive services are designed to make the lives of each resident easier for seniors that need tailored help; each room is furnished with 100% cotton linens; laundry washed and hand pressed on-site; as well as having a certified 24-hour care from registered nurses. As an assisted living community in Miami, they ensure that residents live an active lifestyle that encourages residents to take part in engaging and enriching activities.

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Essential Information
Age Range
Men / Women
20% / 80%
Masks are not required
Languages Spoken: English
Visitors are frequent
Healthcare Services:
Activities of daily living assistance, Medication management, 24-hour call system
Other Services:
Assistance with transfers, Assistance with dressing, Meal preparation and service
Places near by:
Midtown, Design District, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Jackson Health System, Margaret Pace Park, Miami Beach
Price for Studio / 1 Bed / 2 Bed$4500 - $7000
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