Nursing Homes in New York

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Nursing Homes in New York

Premier Genesee Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation Center assures families that their loved ones will receive exceptional care in its 160-bed facility located in Batavia, New York. Established in the late 1800s by Genesee County, this community exudes rich character and history. Its beautifully designed surroundings create a comforting environment for residents. The caregivers at this center are truly exceptional, offering services ranging from respite stays to rehabilitation units and long-term skilled nursing care. They are dedicated to understanding and meeting the unique needs, preferences, and expectations of each patient, striving for utmost satisfaction.
In addition to its comprehensive care, the center provides specialized services such as cardiac care, hospice care, postsurgical and rehabilitation services, along with various other forms of assistance. The dining experience at Premier Genesee Center is exceptional, and residents can engage in a variety of social and recreational activities, enhancing their overall quality of life. With a commitment to personalized and high-quality care, this facility ensures that residents maintain smiles on their faces throughout their stay.

Located in Croton-on-Hudson, New York, Springvale Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a warm and inviting home for seniors. Its close proximity to local hospitals and conveniences makes it an ideal choice for families seeking top-notch senior care. Renowned as a leading senior care provider in the area, Springdale has undergone extensive renovations, transforming it into an elegant and modern community. The home stands out for its exceptional services, offering top-quality short-term rehabilitation, long-term skilled nursing care, and respite stays.
Families trust Springdale because of its swift responses and comprehensive care services, including specialized areas like cardiac care, memory care, hospice care, orthopedic rehab, and more. The facility’s dining experiences are truly remarkable, adding a touch of culinary delight to residents’ everyday lives. Additionally, the center provides essential support services and a diverse array of social and recreational activities, making it a vibrant and engaging community for its residents.

Pine Haven Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is known as a premier 120-bed facility in Philmont, New York, offering exceptional care since its establishment in 1953. Situated conveniently close to local hospitals, the center provides a spectrum of care services catering to diverse patient needs. Its prime location ensures quick access to necessary medical facilities, enhancing the level of care available to residents.

The center boasts a serene environment, featuring beautifully appointed accommodations that prioritize comfort and safety. The dining experience is nothing short of remarkable, complemented by a range of support services. Pine Haven is proud to have a dedicated and skilled staff, making a significant impact on the community of Columbia County. Their commitment to excellence in care has truly made them an invaluable asset to the region.

Ensconced in Le Roy, New York, Leroy Village Green is a distinguished rehabilitation center renowned for its pristine cleanliness, dedicated staff, and welcoming atmosphere. Its proximity to Rochester, New York, adds to its appeal, providing easy access to local conveniences, making it a convenient choice for seniors seeking high-quality care. The facility’s one-story design ensures effortless mobility for residents, granting them access to outdoor spaces like the patio, gazebo, and gardens, enhancing the homely atmosphere that defines Leroy Village Green.

Residents experience a serene environment marked by quietude, coupled with well-prepared meals, fostering an overall pleasant atmosphere. Highly recommended within the community, Leroy Village Green exudes warmth, cleanliness, and a genuine commitment to providing top-notch care, making it a trusted and inviting choice for seniors.

Greene Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation, located in Catskill, New York, sets the bar as a distinguished 120-bed facility. What makes them exceptional is their commitment to providing outstanding care since 1975. This community offers attractively designed spaces, catering to individuals in need of short-term rehabilitation, long-term skilled nursing care, and various specialized programs. Their reputation in the area is well-established, making them a trusted choice for families seeking high-quality elder care.

Their services go beyond the ordinary, encompassing nutritional and pain management, stroke and orthopedic rehabilitation, postsurgical recovery, on-campus dialysis, memory care, and cardiac care, among other specialized offerings. With beautiful accommodations, comprehensive support services, and a myriad of engaging activities, Greene Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation ensures a supportive and enriching environment for residents, emphasizing a holistic approach to aging challenges.

Located in Brooklyn, New York, the Haym Salomon Home for Nursing and Rehabilitation prides itself on being a top-notch, 5-star nursing home. The facility boasts a modern design and posh decor that creates a pleasant ambiance for residents. The interior is spacious and filled with natural light, providing a comfortable and active lifestyle for residents. At Haym Salomon Home, the team understands that caring for the elderly requires more than just physical care. They take the time to develop personal relationships with each resident to offer emotional and spiritual healing in addition to physical care. The facility provides a range of services, including short-term rehab, long-term nursing care, palliative care, and adult day care, to ensure that every resident’s needs are met.
The facility accepts insurance, and the average price for their services is $550 per day, making it an affordable option for families seeking quality care. The staff’s dedication to providing exceptional care is evident in every aspect of the facility, from the beautiful decor to the personalized care plans. Whether you or a loved one needs short-term or long-term care, Haym Salomon Home provides the warmth and comfort of your ideal home.

New York Center for Rehabilitation & Nursing is situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. Renowned for its exceptional acute rehabilitation and long-term care services, including hospice care, this distinguished establishment is staffed by a team of highly skilled professionals. Recognizing the significance of emotional well-being, the home places great emphasis on one-on-one therapy sessions in physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Residents can also practice and enhance their activities of daily living (ADLs) in the facility’s state-of-the-art model kitchen.
Cutting-edge machinery and modalities further augment the rehabilitation experience, facilitating optimal progress and recovery. Ensuring the utmost quality of care, the center offers an array of featured amenities within its impressive nine-story building, including a captivating outdoor patio, inviting lounge areas, and well-appointed family rooms. Additional on-site conveniences include a sophisticated beauty and barbershop, as well as a restaurant-style food service that delights the senses. With meticulous housekeeping and laundry services diligently handled, individuals can focus on their healing journey and overall wellness. From exciting excursions to engaging cultural clubs and diverse holiday celebrations, there is no shortage of opportunities for connection and discoveries.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you pick the homes you recommend?

Before recommending homes, we conduct a thorough evaluation on crucial factors that define a senior home such as the quality of care they provide, the reputation of the organization, and a comprehensive review of community testimonials as well. Every detail is assessed to assure that seniors are offered not just senior care options, but trustworthy homes where they can experience the care that they deserve.

Do you help families that need Medicaid?

Yes. Assisting families who need Medicaid is important to us as it plays a crucial role in offering financial support to seniors confronting economic challenges. We would like to keep essential healthcare services accessible to all community members, irrespective of one’s financial circumstances.

How much does this service cost?

We extend our services at no cost, ensuring that families and seniors can benefit from tailored assistance in their search for care and home options. Our ability to offer personalized guidance without charge to families and seniors is made possible through the support and funding from the communities with which we team up. 

What are the current trends in senior care services?

Senior care has really stepped up its game, just like many other areas in the field of nursing and residential care industry. Things are changing fast, from technology and architecture to design and affordability. Care options available now leverage enhanced facilities, science-based programs and services, along with amenities that significantly enhance the daily lives of seniors. Read More

What factors should I consider when selecting a senior living community?

When searching for the right senior living community, it’s common to have your personal criteria, but certain crucial aspects should not be overlooked. Factors such as community culture and atmosphere, financial transparency, safety and security, and community policies play a vital role in making an informed decision when selecting your next home. Read More

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