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Best Assisted Living in Portland, OR
12140 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97266
Senior Haven RCF
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Senior Haven RCF
About Senior Haven RCF

Senior Haven is home, and as they say, “Home is where the heart is.” At Senior Haven, we provide compassionate, comprehensive care for seniors while providing an engaging, comfortable, home-like atmosphere. Our highly qualified team of nurses, certified nursing assistants, caregivers and support staff are experienced in providing individualized, innovative, high-quality short and long-term care for older adults. No other community combines Senior Haven’s high level of care with its commitment to meaningful relationships and love. We accommodate a wide variety of specific needs, including dedicated memory care, and provide the expertise needed to navigate changes in care, all within a beautiful community our residents are proud to call home.

Life at Senior Haven is all about supporting residents all around the clock– they have provided assistance with daily living such as personal hygiene and medication management; as well as 24-hour personal assistance, meals provided, and care plan assessment (to provide the personalized care designed for each individual). Residents can enjoy large common areas, outdoor courtyards, therapy room, and a salon. Feel safe and secure with 24-hour security and well-secured entrances. Off-street parking is also available for resident’s guest.

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Essential Information
Age Range
59 - 101
Men / Women
60% / 40%
Masks are required
Residents are from all over the US
Visitors are frequent
Healthcare Services:
24 Hour Personal Assistance, Medical Management, Personal Hygiene, Care Plan and Assessment
Other Services:
Meal Preparation and Housekeeping
Places near by:
Franz Bakery Outlet, G & S Market, Larry R. Franz, DMD, Leach Botanical Garden
Price for Studio / 1 Bed$3980 - $4700
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