Nursing Homes in Evansville, IN

Compare the best nursing home facilities in Evansville

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Nursing Homes in Evansville, IN

Compare the best nursing home facilities in Evansville

Parkview Care Center is a haven of skilled nursing and rehabilitation nestled in the heart of Evansville, Indiana. Their location, just a stone’s throw from the renowned Evansville State Hospital, ensures convenient access to exceptional care. Whether they require inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation, their 24-hour service is always available, offering a comprehensive range of treatments tailored to residents’ individual needs. With a trusted medical director overseeing our care, residents can rest assured that their well-being is in highly capable hands. 
Family visits are not only encouraged but warmly embraced, creating a space where loved ones can feel at ease. And because they understand the deep bond between individuals and their furry companions, they accommodate pets, recognizing their therapeutic value and the joy they bring. Their compassionate social services team is dedicated to providing emotional support and guidance, empowering residents to navigate life’s challenges with resilience. As a non-smoking facility, they also create an environment that promotes vitality and well-being. From delicious and nourishing meals to transportation services that cater to diverse interests, they strive to create a truly enriching experience for every individual under our care.

The Good Samaritan Home is a vibrant and inclusive community nestled in the heart of Evansville, Indiana.  With their professional staff available round the clock, they foster an environment rooted in Christian love and genuine compassion. Their comprehensive on-site therapy program offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy to promote well-being and enhance the quality of life. For those in their memory care program, they prioritize flexibility and individual autonomy, allowing residents to maintain control and dignity.
Their on-site laundry and housekeeping services ensure that residents can focus on what truly matters – enjoying life to the fullest. Additionally, their 24/7 emergency nursing team provides peace of mind and ensures that residents receive the prompt assistance they may need. Their community also offers a diverse range of activities, such as interactive cooking classes, lively bingo sessions, live entertainment, group gardening, movie nights, and expressive arts. These opportunities for connection and self-expression foster a vibrant and enriching atmosphere for all.

Golden Living Center Brentwood is an exceptional senior living community offering a diverse range of options including specialized memory care and skilled nursing services. For those seeking memory care, this center stands as a beacon of understanding and support. Every corner of the facility has been purposefully crafted to provide a secure and nurturing haven for individuals with memory loss. 
Accessibility is a cornerstone at Golden Living Center Brentwood. With thoughtfully designed spaces that cater to wheelchair users and inviting indoor and outdoor common areas, residents are treated to an environment that seamlessly blends comfort with the beauty of nature. It’s a place where cherished memories are made, laughter echoes through the halls, and meaningful connections are formed.

In the heart of Evansville, Indiana, a haven of compassion and care awaits—University Nursing and Rehabilitation. From post-acute care to respite care, inpatient rehab to tailored therapies, they leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of holistic well-being. A team of highly skilled professionals, armed with expertise in physical, occupational, and speech therapies, empowers residents on their journey to recovery, fostering newfound strength and independence. Through their meticulous programs in palliative care, stroke recovery, cardiac therapy, respiratory therapy, pain management, IV treatments, antibiotic therapy, wound care, and beyond, they attend to every facet of health and healing, ensuring no aspect goes unaddressed.
Nestled along the tranquil Lincoln Avenue, the facility’s location offers both serenity and accessibility, providing a serene backdrop for healing and rejuvenation. Here, residents can embrace a life of ease, as dedicated housekeeping and linen services graciously tend to their daily needs. Pampering takes center stage, as an exquisite beauty salon and barber services cater to individual preferences, allowing residents to look and feel their best. Nurturing the spirit, religious services are also available, providing solace and fostering inner peace. With unwavering dedication and expertise, the team embraces the honor of caring for each person, aiming to infuse each day with fulfillment. 

Ensconced within the comforting embrace of Braun Nursing Home, residents are embraced with a philosophy that champions their freedom. The accommodations exude a sense of luxury, with private or semi-private spaces adorned with exquisite finishes, creating an ambiance of tranquility. With a registered nurse available round-the-clock and regular visits from dedicated physicians, comprehensive medical care is delivered with utmost expertise and compassion. Specialized services, such as podiatry, dental, optometry, and audiology, address specific needs, leaving no aspect of health unattended.
In addition, ample parking ensures convenience and accessibility for all. Daily laundry and housekeeping services alleviate the burdens of everyday chores, freeing residents to focus on what truly matters—their joy and fulfillment. Within the vibrant community, laughter resonates and smiles abound, fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie among residents and staff alike. It is a place where cherished memories are created, and friendships are formed.

Located in Evansville, Indiana, North Park Nursing Center stands as a haven dedicated to transforming lives through exceptional care. With an unwavering commitment to rehabilitation, memory care, long-term care, respite care, hospice care, and outpatient therapy, this center sets the standard for senior well-being. The center boasts a comprehensive array of therapies, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy, meticulously tailored to empower and uplift each individual. Recognizing the unique needs of memory care patients, North Park Nursing Center creates a sanctuary of security and serenity. Through a meticulously crafted, research-backed memory care program, residents are enveloped in an environment that fosters safety, comfort, and a profound sense of belonging. 
Medicaid payment options further illustrate the center’s unwavering dedication to accessible and inclusive care. The interdisciplinary team of caregivers embodies the values of empathy and proficiency, creating a nurturing space where residents are treasured and their well-being is paramount. The home also crafts tailored programs that meet the unique needs of every resident. With unwavering dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence, the center delivers therapies and services infused with purpose, fostering holistic well-being.

Columbia Healthcare Center is a sanctuary dedicated to the well-being of its residents in Evansville, Indiana. Offering a comprehensive range of services, from short-term rehabilitation to memory care, long-term care, and hospice care, this center is a testament to the utmost respect and dedication in senior care. Conveniently located mere minutes away from the renowned St. Mary’s Medical Center, Columbia Healthcare Center provides an abundance of life-enriching options for residents and their families. From physical therapy to occupational therapy and speech therapy, residents receive individualized care to promote their overall well-being.
In their memory care unit, Columbia Healthcare Center goes above and beyond to ensure residents feel secure and comfortable. Adorned with captivating artwork and cherished personal items, the surroundings are thoughtfully designed to cultivate a sense of familiarity and peace. The center also encourages the active involvement of families and caregivers, recognizing their crucial role in the well-being and happiness of their loved ones. Columbia Healthcare Center stands as a testament to the power of authentic care, where expertise and compassion intertwine to create an environment where seniors can thrive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you pick the homes you recommend?

Before recommending homes, we conduct a thorough evaluation on crucial factors that define a senior home such as the quality of care they provide, the reputation of the organization, and a comprehensive review of community testimonials as well. Every detail is assessed to assure that seniors are offered not just senior care options, but trustworthy homes where they can experience the care that they deserve.

Do you help families that need Medicaid?

Yes. Assisting families who need Medicaid is important to us as it plays a crucial role in offering financial support to seniors confronting economic challenges. We would like to keep essential healthcare services accessible to all community members, irrespective of one’s financial circumstances.

How much does this service cost?

We extend our services at no cost, ensuring that families and seniors can benefit from tailored assistance in their search for care and home options. Our ability to offer personalized guidance without charge to families and seniors is made possible through the support and funding from the communities with which we team up. 

What are the current trends in senior care services?

Senior care has really stepped up its game, just like many other areas in the field of nursing and residential care industry. Things are changing fast, from technology and architecture to design and affordability. Care options available now leverage enhanced facilities, science-based programs and services, along with amenities that significantly enhance the daily lives of seniors. Read More

What factors should I consider when selecting a senior living community?

When searching for the right senior living community, it’s common to have your personal criteria, but certain crucial aspects should not be overlooked. Factors such as community culture and atmosphere, financial transparency, safety and security, and community policies play a vital role in making an informed decision when selecting your next home. Read More

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