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Best Assisted Living in Baltimore, MD
The Best Communities in Baltimore, MD
Springwell Senior Living Community

Springwell Senior Living in Baltimore is a community that boasts their warm and welcoming environment so seniors can immediately feel safe and comfortable the moment they walk onto community grounds. The community proudly gives off a motivating atmosphere that is boosted by the elevated state of living they promote and practice; the resort-like hospitality adds to the charm of the senior living community. Springwell is on its way to be one of the best senior living communities in Baltimore– as enhanced by their exclusive Springwell care that is not found anywhere else: elegant and carefree. Springwell Senior Living  is anything but ordinary because of its vibrant lifestyle that promotes an exciting and unparalleled quality of care that redefines the luxury quality of living we know today. 

Springwell Senior Living has created an array of helpful services and amenities to make the lives of each resident easier and worry-free. All living options of Springswell get seamless access to their amenities and services such as engaging in wellness programs, outings and events, transportation, housekeeping, and laundry services. The assisted living and memory care residents get more specialized services such as medication management and assistance with daily living (bathing, dressing, grooming, etc), and extra help with the housekeeping and meals provided. As their name suggests, security is included in their top priority, which is why they have provided a 24-hour emergency call system in the building and emergency pendant with GPS. Visitation is open anytime but overnight stays are only allowed for independent living residents.

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Essential Information
Age Range
Men / Women
30% / 70%
Languages Spoken: English
Healthcare Services:
Memory Care, Ambulatory Care, Diabetic Care, Incontinence Care, Staffing & Ancillary Services, High Acuity Care, Medication Management
Other Services:
Housekeeping, Beautician, Laundry Service / Dry cleaning
Price for Studio / 1 Bed / 2 Bed$4990 - $7900
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